Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Third Trimester Update!

Yeah, so this whole weekly blogging thing did not happen.  Sorry guys, but I am back and officially in the third trimester!  It really snuck up on me, and I can't believe we only have a few months (at most) before Baby Dillon is here.

Since it's a been a while, here are some answers to the questions we're getting most often:

1. Have you picked out a name?  No, we really haven't.  We've discussed some options and are narrowing it down to a short list, but we probably won't publicize it widely in case we change our minds.  However, if you're curious about my thoughts on names, you can read this post from my other blog.

2. Is the nursery ready?  No, not even close.  All we've got is this design, but most everything has been purchased except for the lamp and curtain fabric.  We need to paint our vintage dresser, but the color will be close to what's pictured.  The plan is for everything to come together in January.

3. Have you already registered?  Yes, at Amazon.com and Target.  I found it very difficult since there are SO many options for everything and every third opinion contradicts someone else's recommendation.  The staff at Babies R Us got a good laugh at the pair of college educated adults genuinely perplexed by a Chicco stroller.

4. What hospital will he be delivered at?  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, because my doctor of 8 years has an office across the highway and I did not want to find a new care provider just to save 10 minutes (or less) of drive time.  Door to door, we can get there from our house in about 25 minutes unless it's evening rush hour.

5. How are you feeling?  Great!  I've been very fortunate to have an easy pregnancy so far.  Aside from occasional nighttime heartburn and round ligament pain, I don't have anything to complain about.  The belly is getting more obvious with each passing day!

Once we take our 27 week photo, I'll fill out my little survey and post it.  For real this time.

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