Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 months old! (In October)

Once again, I am dreadfully late with the monthly update, but I finally got around to creating Miles' 7 month picture!  Here's how he looked in mid-October:

We love our happy little guy so much, and 7 months was a fun time at our house.  He started to become (a bit) mobile, cut both of his top front teeth, and continued to eat pretty much every food we put in front of him - both pureed and soft solids.  He mastered the sippy cup, figured out some of his more advanced toys, and continues to laugh at us and himself.

I took my first work trip away from Miles in mid-October, and he had a great few days with Grandma while Nick attended a company conference at the same time (of course, that's how things work out for us).  I missed him, but I have had some great opportunities at work this year and was glad that he got to spend some quality time with Nick's mom, Diane.

We also enjoyed a food festival in Irving, and a visit from my parents.  Miles took his first trip to Cabela's, and will be camping with Dad in no time.

Halloween was pretty uneventful - we thought it would be tacky to show up with a baby who can't walk or eat candy, so Miles helped us hand out candy to our meager stream of trick or treaters and wore his skeleton sleeper to school.  Then he promptly outgrew it.

The next day, we had our annual Fry-Day party, and had a great time with our friends.  We were able to get almost all of the little boys in our friend group on the same sofa at the same time for a photo - we hope they'll be able to recreate it every year.

I'll be writing up Miles' 8 month post soon, I promise.  We have the picture and everything! 

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