Monday, December 15, 2014

Southpaw, and other observations.

When I started this blog, I had grand intentions to record all the little moments we enjoy with Miles and not just a monthly update and picture dump.  It's too bad the whole working mother of an infant situation left me with less free time than I thought I'd have (what was I thinking?), but now that the cuteness is so extreme and our days are so busy, I need to make time for posts like this.

Enjoy the randomness - I hope Miles will, too, one day.

As of right now, one week shy of 9 months, we think Miles might be left handed.  He uses both hands, of course, but tends to feed himself and hold his cup in his left hand.  When I place toys in front of him, he typically grabs with the left, and transfers small things to that hand.  Perhaps he'll grow up to be like his Aunt Carly and we'll just buy special scissors.

What does Miles eat?
What doesn't Miles eat?  After about eight weeks of being careful, we determined that Miles doesn't seem to have food allergies so we declared it semi-open season and started feeding him a wider variety of foods.  We want him to be accustomed to strong flavors and not rely on fruit-laced dishes (or combos of cheese and carbs), so we got to work mixing our own purees (By "we" I really mean Nick 80% of the time) and sharing what we're having, so long as it doesn't have nuts or too much spice.  It turns out that Miles likes to eat:

- Mexican flavors like cumin and onion powder, especially with black beans and chicken or beef
- Yellow curry powder with his veggie and white bean puree
- Yogurt and smoothies
- All fruits, to the point where we sometimes have to avoid sweet things for a day so he'll eat dinner
- Everything he tried at Thanksgiving!
- Whatever we're having, if he can get it in his mouth

You can tell when he likes something because he'll go "Mmmm!" and kick his feet.  And when he's not yet a fan, he'll eat anyway if you let him take lots of water breaks.  It's also funny to see that he's sometimes confused by his cups - he doesn't get that you don't need to tilt a straw cup, and gets frustrated when he's not getting much water.

Turkey legs
Today Miles' teacher asked if we could start sending him to school in sweatpants because some of his other pants are so tight around the thighs that it's impeding his crawling and pulling up.  I wonder which parent he gets that from??

Miles' First Christmas
We're not going overboard on the holidays this year, but I wanted to get a picture of Miles and Santa.  We did not have time to brave NorthPark, and the line at Bass Pro was 3 hours long, so I we went over to Grapevine Mills and waited about 15 minutes to takes photos with this perfectly good Kris Kringle.  I didn't think Miles would cry, but I wasn't sure if he'd smile.  We lucked out, and he wasn't scared, but pretty much kept that finger in his mouth the whole time.

Pulling Up
This past week, Miles has gone from occasionally pulling up to doing it all day long.  He stands up around the ottoman, the couch, and his little activity table - happily looking around in pride.  It's cute, but a little sad for me.  My baby is growing up!

We continue to be so pleased by how well Maggie interacts with Miles.  He loves to pet her and watch her run around, and she lets him touch her and lean on her without any sudden movements... while sometimes licking his hands and face.   We're really looking forward to the day when Miles can run with her since that's pretty much her life's dream.

As for Charlie, well, he no longer steals baby toys and stealth poops in the nursery, and basically acts like Miles isn't there most of the time.  Progress!

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