Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Final Countdown!

I am officially tired of being pregnant.  

Luckily, it's almost over!  I will hit the 40 week milestone on Tuesday, and if Baby Dillon does not make an appearance on his own I will be induced early in the morning on the 18th (at 41 weeks).  Since going to work wears me out, and sitting in a desk chair all day is uncomfortable, I decided to begin my maternity leave on the 11th and just enjoy any additional days off before things get crazy.  I've got big plans for a pedicure, a movie and a big coke Icee, a new novel, and some naps - but if they get ruined by a tiny, screamy little boy, I'll be ok with that too!

I've never taken more than two weeks off of work, so the prospect of being out of the office until June 9th (when I come back for a 20 hour week, then full time) is pretty exciting, although I know it will be far from relaxing.  Thankfully, my company has been amazingly supportive and everyone is excited about the baby - I know I am very fortunate to work somewhere with great family-friendly benefits.  

And since everyone asks, yes we finally finished the room!  I haven't been able to photograph it properly yet, but you will all see it soon.  I hope Baby Dillon enjoys spending at least a couple of years there (maybe more)!


Although I've done a terrible job of tracking everything, here's my final pregnancy questionnaire:

How far along? 39 weeks, 5 days

Total weight gain/loss:  About 30 pounds, lots of it fluid in my feet and hands and legs.  I even have swollen knees... it's not cute or comfortable.  I basically wear Converse every day.
Sleep:  Not great - my pillow fort helps a lot, but I still wake up a few times per night because I'm uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Finally finishing the room, and feeling like we have most everything we need to bring a baby home. 

Movement:  Lots of hard kicks to my upper abdomen, and poking on my right side (from an arm?)

Symptoms:  I am so very tired, and I have pretty much all the usual pregnancy complaints.  It's not fun anymore.

Symptoms I DON'T have:  My belly button hasn't popped out, so that's cool I guess. 

Food cravings:  Nothing new, just really hungry all the time.

Gender:  Boy!

Labor Signs:  I have the occasional contraction, and was 2 cm dilated at my last appointment.  Hopefully that results in a baby this week!

Belly Button in or out?  In!  So glad it never popped - here's hoping it stays that way.

What I miss:  Being comfortable and able to stand up easily

What I am looking forward to:  Holding my baby and seeing what he looks like!

Weekly Wisdom:  I am trying to focus on how fortunate I am to have had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy rather than how much it sucks to be 9 months along.  I decided it won't do me much good to be terrified of labor, so I'm going to trust that the hospital staff knows what to do and hopefully come through it (relatively) unscathed.  I'd still like some prayers, though!

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