Monday, December 15, 2014

Southpaw, and other observations.

When I started this blog, I had grand intentions to record all the little moments we enjoy with Miles and not just a monthly update and picture dump.  It's too bad the whole working mother of an infant situation left me with less free time than I thought I'd have (what was I thinking?), but now that the cuteness is so extreme and our days are so busy, I need to make time for posts like this.

Enjoy the randomness - I hope Miles will, too, one day.

As of right now, one week shy of 9 months, we think Miles might be left handed.  He uses both hands, of course, but tends to feed himself and hold his cup in his left hand.  When I place toys in front of him, he typically grabs with the left, and transfers small things to that hand.  Perhaps he'll grow up to be like his Aunt Carly and we'll just buy special scissors.

What does Miles eat?
What doesn't Miles eat?  After about eight weeks of being careful, we determined that Miles doesn't seem to have food allergies so we declared it semi-open season and started feeding him a wider variety of foods.  We want him to be accustomed to strong flavors and not rely on fruit-laced dishes (or combos of cheese and carbs), so we got to work mixing our own purees (By "we" I really mean Nick 80% of the time) and sharing what we're having, so long as it doesn't have nuts or too much spice.  It turns out that Miles likes to eat:

- Mexican flavors like cumin and onion powder, especially with black beans and chicken or beef
- Yellow curry powder with his veggie and white bean puree
- Yogurt and smoothies
- All fruits, to the point where we sometimes have to avoid sweet things for a day so he'll eat dinner
- Everything he tried at Thanksgiving!
- Whatever we're having, if he can get it in his mouth

You can tell when he likes something because he'll go "Mmmm!" and kick his feet.  And when he's not yet a fan, he'll eat anyway if you let him take lots of water breaks.  It's also funny to see that he's sometimes confused by his cups - he doesn't get that you don't need to tilt a straw cup, and gets frustrated when he's not getting much water.

Turkey legs
Today Miles' teacher asked if we could start sending him to school in sweatpants because some of his other pants are so tight around the thighs that it's impeding his crawling and pulling up.  I wonder which parent he gets that from??

Miles' First Christmas
We're not going overboard on the holidays this year, but I wanted to get a picture of Miles and Santa.  We did not have time to brave NorthPark, and the line at Bass Pro was 3 hours long, so I we went over to Grapevine Mills and waited about 15 minutes to takes photos with this perfectly good Kris Kringle.  I didn't think Miles would cry, but I wasn't sure if he'd smile.  We lucked out, and he wasn't scared, but pretty much kept that finger in his mouth the whole time.

Pulling Up
This past week, Miles has gone from occasionally pulling up to doing it all day long.  He stands up around the ottoman, the couch, and his little activity table - happily looking around in pride.  It's cute, but a little sad for me.  My baby is growing up!

We continue to be so pleased by how well Maggie interacts with Miles.  He loves to pet her and watch her run around, and she lets him touch her and lean on her without any sudden movements... while sometimes licking his hands and face.   We're really looking forward to the day when Miles can run with her since that's pretty much her life's dream.

As for Charlie, well, he no longer steals baby toys and stealth poops in the nursery, and basically acts like Miles isn't there most of the time.  Progress!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

8 months old!

As promised, here's Miles' 8 month update - almost on time!!

8 months has been another fun time for Miles, and he continues to be more mobile each week.  We can no longer leave him on his blanket and expect to find him in roughly the same spot when we come back.  In the time it takes to get some water in the kitchen, he can end up under the dining table!

He army crawls pretty fast (tummy isn't off the ground) and is very determined to get his toys and check out all extension cords and bits of lint that he can get his hands on.  He is becoming more interested in his toys and how things work, but his blocks and piano are still the favorites.

A few weeks ago I was putting away laundry and put Miles in his crib to watch his musical Nemo toy so he'd be safe while I went in and out of the garage.  I came back to find this:

He can't get himself to sitting up from laying down yet, so we're not worried about climbing out, but he LOVES to pull up whenever he can and trying to walk while he hold his hands.  I wish time would just stop sometimes - he's getting so big so fast!

Miles also experienced his first Thanksgiving, and spent time with both the Dillons and Fergusons.  He ate turkey, cranberries, stuffing, cheesy rice, yams... and pie.  And loved pretty much all of it!

A sweet neighbor of Grandma and Grandpa Dillon gave him a cool car to ride in, too.  We didn't have room in the car to bring it home, but hopefully soon!

We also took a few family pictures at my Uncle Kelley's house, and Miles got to see even more family:

So far it's been a great month, and we're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with out little guy.  I'm sure he's going to love all the wrapping paper.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 months old! (In October)

Once again, I am dreadfully late with the monthly update, but I finally got around to creating Miles' 7 month picture!  Here's how he looked in mid-October:

We love our happy little guy so much, and 7 months was a fun time at our house.  He started to become (a bit) mobile, cut both of his top front teeth, and continued to eat pretty much every food we put in front of him - both pureed and soft solids.  He mastered the sippy cup, figured out some of his more advanced toys, and continues to laugh at us and himself.

I took my first work trip away from Miles in mid-October, and he had a great few days with Grandma while Nick attended a company conference at the same time (of course, that's how things work out for us).  I missed him, but I have had some great opportunities at work this year and was glad that he got to spend some quality time with Nick's mom, Diane.

We also enjoyed a food festival in Irving, and a visit from my parents.  Miles took his first trip to Cabela's, and will be camping with Dad in no time.

Halloween was pretty uneventful - we thought it would be tacky to show up with a baby who can't walk or eat candy, so Miles helped us hand out candy to our meager stream of trick or treaters and wore his skeleton sleeper to school.  Then he promptly outgrew it.

The next day, we had our annual Fry-Day party, and had a great time with our friends.  We were able to get almost all of the little boys in our friend group on the same sofa at the same time for a photo - we hope they'll be able to recreate it every year.

I'll be writing up Miles' 8 month post soon, I promise.  We have the picture and everything! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

6 months old!

Our big, happy, boy is 6 months old!  It feels like the fastest half year of my life, and sometimes I get sad that babyhood is whizzing by.  Miles has turned into a jolly, smiley baby and we love him so much!

At his 6 month appointment (pre-shots)

He sits up steadily, and is really interested in toys, what Nick and I are doing, and his best bud Maggie.  He has great mobility for his age, rolls all over the place, and tries real hard to crawl.  He doesn't quite have the coordination to be on his knees and his hands at the same time, but will probably get there soon. (Yay?  Not looking forward to babyproofing.)

 She came to lay by him, and decided to stay... he's learning not to grab ears, I promise.

This week Miles learned to wave bye, but only if he's in the mood to do it.  He's also eating lots of different purees, and we're looking forward to sharing our food with him soon.  So far, he doesn't seem to have any allergies, and just needs practice with different textures.

Not a broccoli and carrot fan.

Unfortunately, sleep has been inconsistent lately.  Sometimes he'll go all night long without waking up, other nights we'll get up twice and reposition him and put the pacifier back in his mouth.  Hopefully he'll get more uninterrupted rest when we install his padded crib bumpers and he can't hit the bars anymore (we have a mesh bumper right now).

We tried taking Miles to his first Texas Rangers game this month, but there was a pretty lengthy rain delay and we gave up until next season.

We're looking forward to move time with family this month, and will keep everyone posted as our guy keeps getting bigger!

School picture proofs that we did not purchase for $55

Gim em, Aggies!

Meeting Miles' new friend, Hudson - I could not believe my baby used to be so tiny, too!

Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Months Old!

I'm on a roll - here's the five month update too!

Miles turned 5 months old on August 18th and I forgot to take a picture for a few days, but I assure you he still looked like this:

I thought about changing his onesie, but then I left it because drool stains are part of our life these days.  Miles has two teeth, and seems to be working on some more because saliva pours from his mouth all day.  He goes through all 15 of his bibs each week!

At 5 months, Miles is a lot more confident and capable in his movements - he holds his own bottles now, rolls around happily in his pack n play (but only to the left - our son, Derek Zoolander, hasn't figured out the other direction yet), and is starting to work on sitting up. 

He's grown a lot, and weighs 16 lbs 13 oz as of a doctor visit for a hacking cough on September 1st.  I just packed up an alarming amount of outgrown clothes, and can't believe my little baby is so tall and chunky!

He's still cheerful and giggly, too  :)

August also brought my first attempt at single parenting, when Nick ended up being away for a week while attending a conference and his grandma's funeral.  I want to personally award medals to the ladies who do this all the time - it was very hard!  However, we made it through and welcomed him home along with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Andrea and Uncle Max.  And toys!

This month Miles also attended his first birthday party for his friend Emilia (hence the sharp overalls outfit above) and took another trip to St. Louis since we'd pre-paid for the trip long ago and couldn't get a refund. We were glad to spend more time with Grandpa Jones, and meet up with my sweet friend Tiffany and her husband Chris for brunch.

[Side note: I highly recommend a sling like ours for flying and general errand running.  It lets me have free hands, and the dude feels safe and happily looks around while we get stuff done. This is where I got mine.]

At 5 months Miles also got cleared to eat stage 1 baby foods, and it's been a hit!  So far he's eaten green beans, pears, yellow squash, sweet potato, and apples.  Sometimes we combine it with rice cereal, sometimes not, and he's been filling up on formula bottles and food to the degree that he has begun sleeping through the night most nights.  It has been GLORIOUS!  He goes to bed around 8:00-8:30 and wakes up around 7:00.  We've also been working on putting him to bed while still awake so he can learn to fall asleep on his own, and he seems to be capable, since he sometimes puts himself back to sleep at night unless he's stuck in a corner of his crib.  Fingers crossed he keeps this up and we can avoid any cry it out situations.

That's all, folks!  Hopefully I can get back on schedule and bring you a 6 month update sometime in September.  We'll see.