Sunday, September 28, 2014

6 months old!

Our big, happy, boy is 6 months old!  It feels like the fastest half year of my life, and sometimes I get sad that babyhood is whizzing by.  Miles has turned into a jolly, smiley baby and we love him so much!

At his 6 month appointment (pre-shots)

He sits up steadily, and is really interested in toys, what Nick and I are doing, and his best bud Maggie.  He has great mobility for his age, rolls all over the place, and tries real hard to crawl.  He doesn't quite have the coordination to be on his knees and his hands at the same time, but will probably get there soon. (Yay?  Not looking forward to babyproofing.)

 She came to lay by him, and decided to stay... he's learning not to grab ears, I promise.

This week Miles learned to wave bye, but only if he's in the mood to do it.  He's also eating lots of different purees, and we're looking forward to sharing our food with him soon.  So far, he doesn't seem to have any allergies, and just needs practice with different textures.

Not a broccoli and carrot fan.

Unfortunately, sleep has been inconsistent lately.  Sometimes he'll go all night long without waking up, other nights we'll get up twice and reposition him and put the pacifier back in his mouth.  Hopefully he'll get more uninterrupted rest when we install his padded crib bumpers and he can't hit the bars anymore (we have a mesh bumper right now).

We tried taking Miles to his first Texas Rangers game this month, but there was a pretty lengthy rain delay and we gave up until next season.

We're looking forward to move time with family this month, and will keep everyone posted as our guy keeps getting bigger!

School picture proofs that we did not purchase for $55

Gim em, Aggies!

Meeting Miles' new friend, Hudson - I could not believe my baby used to be so tiny, too!

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