Monday, September 1, 2014

4 Months Old!

I think "better late than never" is becoming my new motto.  It applies to birthday gifts, house projects, and now blogging.  We've had a very busy month, and I'm sure this post won't do it justice, but here we go:

Miles turned 4 months old on July 18th, and on that weekend we went to visit my parents in Bryan to celebrate my dad's birthday, take some family photos at the A&M campus, and introduce Miles to his great grandmother.  He was already rolling over by then, albeit unsteadily, and has since become a pro. 

Dr. Tran said we could start him on rice cereal, and little pig loves it, and almost immediately began sleeping for longer stretches at night!  Hallelujah!

I think Miles' little personality really started to take shape in his fourth month - once his colic cleared up and he was able to sleep better (on his side and tummy) he became a different kid.  He's now the jolliest little boy I know - usually smiling, laughing at me and Nick, and happily rolling around on the floor with his toys.  He's clearly one of the favorites at daycare - we walk down the hall and people I don't know all stop to greet him.

Miles also ended up taking his first airplane trip to St. Louis during his fourth month.  It wasn't a happy reason, but we ended up having a wonderful weekend saying goodbye to Nick's grandmother before she passed away and we are so glad that Miles was a bright spot in her final days.  He laid in her hospital bed and laughed and kicked and made the circumstances a bit more cheerful.  We will miss Grandma Jones very much.

Finally, just before he turned 5 months old, Mr. Miles got his first tooth on August 9th!  His second one appeared a few days later, and now he has a set on the bottom and it's adorable.  But they're sharp!  (I don't have a good tooth picture so you'll just need to believe me)

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