Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Months Old!

Yeah, yeah... this post is a few weeks late.  But the picture is from Miles' three month birthday!

As you might guess from the tardiness of this post, we've been busy.  Our little dude is more and more animated each week, and returning to work means that our evenings are a bit more hectic and any free time is spent playing with him before bedtime or trying to catch up on our shows and lives in general.

Miles ended up having a 3 month-ish doctor appointment because Nick and I noticed that he suddenly lost weight at the beginning of June.  He went from filling out his pants and onesies to swimming in them, and we had to increase the amount of milk in his bottles and begin supplementing with formula.  A week later, he'd gained back most of what he lost and weighed in at 12 lbs 4 oz (25th percentile) and grew another half inch to be 25 inches long (77th percentile!)  It appears we have a tall, skinny baby who was going through a growth spurt and not getting enough calories.  Now that he drinks 35+ oz per day (!!!) he seems to be growing just fine!

This month has also brought so many developmental changes:
  • Miles now enjoys playing with toys, and goes to town batting and grabbing the animals that hang from his activity gym or bouncer seat.  He also loves kicking a little piano that we're borrowing from his friend John, and I purchased a jumperoo from Craigslist that is a huge hit.  So basically, our house is starting to have the sort of gaudy, loud plastic things that make my stomach turn but they make him happy so I am dealing with it. 
  • As much as it scared me at first, it's evident that Miles is turning out to be a side/tummy sleeper and flops all over his bed like a little fish.  He has no trouble returning to his back (and often does at some point during the night) or keeping his face uncovered, so we're just going to go with it.  We successfully weaned him from his swaddle blankets, as well as his transitional sleep suit, and he now goes down with just his jammies and a little blanket or sleep sack.  This was not fun.
  • Our little guy is also pretty proficient at rolling around on the floor, and easily goes from front to back while covering some ground in the process.  Earlier this week I went to get a glass of water in the kitchen and came back to find him under our coffee table next to a very concerned dog.
  • He smiles when he sees us, and it's the best thing ever.  He's also starting to really laugh, which only cracks him up more.

I started back to work on June 3rd, and fell right back into my job as though I never left, except that now I have to walk away at 5:00ish and not check email on my phone or figure out ways to extend my day.  It's pretty nice, but hard to get everything done!  I definitely miss Miles, and sometimes the evenings fly by and I feel like we didn't get much time together, but we really like his daycare and he has a good time there with the other babies and his sweet teachers.  He gives them big smiles in the morning, and gets to experience so many fun activities while I'm at work.  Right now we're pleased with our choice, but will keep evaluating things as he gets older.

And now, some pictures:

 "Reading" with Maggie

4th of July with Papa

Neesie was there, too

Musical toys are his favorite

Loves this ball, but hates that it won't fit in his mouth

Sleepy little Ranger

Our restaurant champ!

His usual expression, since his first week of life

Chilling with Maggie

Selfie at the mall

The Dillon Men

  Father's Day Artwork

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