Monday, March 16, 2015

11 months old... written two days before turning 1!

Miles will be one on Wednesday.  That seems so hard to believe, and this year has gone by faster than I ever imagined.  So before it's too late, here is an overview of Miles' life this past month.

Favorite Things: Playing with cabinets until we ruined everything, pushing his walker, playing with cars, the copycat game (shakes his head and makes noises to mimic us), petting Maggie, watching Maggie pop bubbles, rearranging our chairs.

Favorite Foods: Peas, tamales, ravioli, fig newtons, puffs, fruit puree pouches, clementines, whatever we are eating.

Milestones: Outgrew most 12 month clothes, no more infant carseat, getting molars, had an awful ear infection that would not go away without lots of medicine, started using more sign language ("more" and "please") and shaking his head no, starting to go without pacifier at night.


11 months has been such a fun age.  We love Miles' silly personality so much!  He often does things that he clearly thinks are hilarious, and his giggles and cackles are infectious.  He is usually a happy kid and content to run errands with us and play with toys, but we do get the occasional body flailing tantrum when he's not allowed to do something important like lay in the dog bed (yes, still a goal), play in the toilet, or chew on our furniture.

Like the rest of the kids in Dallas, he enjoyed a couple of snow days and wasn't too impressed by all the white stuff.  He was more concerned with why he was wearing so many clothes.

 Hat and beard courtesy of Aunt Carly

Miles is also very expressive.  He has started making this fake, exaggerated, angry face when he wants something and isn't getting it.  It's quite lovely... 

And other times, he's just silly...

Or skeptical of chipotle black bean patties (now he's a fan)...

This Saturday we'll be celebrating with a party, so I hope to post an update next week!

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