Sunday, April 12, 2015

1 year old!

Miles turned one on March 18th, and it's been quite an eventful few weeks!  Our little guy is all over the place - even more so than before.  His personality continues to develop, and it is clear that our boy likes to make people laugh, is happy to sit and figure out how things work, and can be very stubborn (I know this is shocking news to everyone)!

Favorite things: Playing with doors, throwing his food, unstacking blocks, pushing his cars around, splashing at his water table, pushing his pre-walker toys, holding out things for Maggie to take from his hand (apparently hilarious)

Favorite new foods: Waffles, fruit snacks/strips, venison sausage, french fries (oops), grapes

New tricks: Climbing, going without the paci (save for the rare instances when he's fighting a nap), drinking whole milk from sippy cups and straws, yelling what we are 90% sure is "I did it" when achieves something like putting toys in a box or setting a car down a ramp

We had a great time at Miles' birthday party at our house - I am always pleasantly surprised at how many sweet friends and family members are quick to come celebrate with us (all the way out here in Irving).  Miles was given so many generous gifts, and really enjoyed the cake!

Here are entirely too many pictures of the occasion:

This year has gone by so fast, and I can't believe how different life has become in 365 days.  Here's hoping the next year brings us as much joy, and more sleep!

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