Thursday, April 16, 2015

A trip to the Bluebonnets... and the Dentist

The last week has been pretty busy for Miles - we drove all the way out to Wylie on Saturday so we could take the quintessential Texas bluebonnet pictures with his friends John and Drew.

It all started off fine, but we were late leaving our house because Miles was napping, so he didn't get to get out of the car once we arrived because everyone was leaving to go to the flowers.  This was obviously the end of the world, and someone threw such a crying fit that he threw up.  Thankfully, I had many outfit options for him but the cleanup was rough.

However, I learned that we should have paid the extra $100 for the Chicco NextFit with the cover that zips off, and that my kid looks uber serious in 98% of all photos.  These are the best out of dozens where he looks like he does not like flowers at all.

Then, on Monday, Miles had his first dental appointment.  His pediatrician recommends that kids get an exam after they turn one, so we went to see Dr. Carla before school.  She said Miles has way more teeth than most kids his age (he has four on the front top and bottom, plus four 12 month molars) and also a pretty pronounced overbite.  Hopefully he doesn't need as much orthodontic work as I did!

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